Mix de 25 músicas, Brutal Deathcore

Death Therapy - The Lie
We Shall Die First - Royal Dynasty
Emmure - Flag Of The Beast (official Music Video)
Martyr Defiled - At The Throne Of Salem
Gods Will - Redeemed
We Shall Die First - Mr. Apocolypse (free Ep)
► Extreme Brutal Metal/deathcore Music Collection I [sorrow.] ☠ 1 Hour ☠
Chelsea Grin - Dont Ask Dont Tell (official Music Video)
Dealey Plaza - Fiend (official Music Video)
Eyes Of The Defiled - Retribute
Filth - God Has A Plan (full Ep Stream)
Enterprise Earth - Masquerade Of Angels - Music Video - We Are Triumphant
Fit For An Autopsy - Black Mammoth Official Music Video
Vermin Womb - Permanence [2014]
She Must Burn - After Death (music Video)
Poured Out - Beloved
Spite - Ied
Bound In Fear - Regicide Ep [full Stream] (2017) Chugcore Exclusive
Boy Eats Girl - Zugzwang (2017) Chugcore Exclusive
Extortionist - Animosity (2017) Chugcore Exclusive
Eyes Of The Defiled - Seeker
Wrath Of Akhlys - Predation Feat. Alex Teyen & Jason Evans [official..
10 - Where The Light Dies - Carnifex
Oceano - The Great Tribulation
Born Of Osiris - Bow Down
Death Therapy - The Lie

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