Mix de 25 músicas, Celtic

Pippins Song (lyrics) - Lotr
The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies - Billy Boyd: The Last..
1 Hour Of Magic Fantasy Music | Epic, Dark, Magical, Relaxing
Celtic Music - Legend
Celtic Music - Heros Journey
Celtic Music - A Celtic Tale
Avalon - A Celtic Legend (02 - Enchantment)
Relaxing Music Epic Fantasy
Celtic Music - Cliffs Of Moher
Celtic Music - For The King
The Very Best Of Enya
Hobbit-the Misty Mountains Cold (3 Hodiny/3 Hours)
Compilation Of Rohan And Gondor Themes
Irish Tavern Music
Celtic Music - Fairy Forest
Pagan Metal - Nidhöggr
Celtic / Medieval Music - Wildland
Epic Celtic Music Mix - Most Powerful & Beautiful Celtic Music | Vol.1
Celtic Circle - Elysium
Howard Baer - The Foggy Dew [the Secret Garden]
The Lord Of The Rings - The Complete Soundtrack
Celtic Music | Irish Highlands | Sleep, Study, Relax, Ambience
1 Hour Of Medieval Instrumental Music - Medieval Camelot
Celtic Music - Hail To The King
The Lakes Of Pontchartrain- Deanta
Pippins song (LYRICS) - LOTR

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