Mix de 25 músicas, Funeral Doom

Evoken - Reverie In Tears
1000 Funerals - Final Wish
Ahab - The Hunt
Longing For Dawn Live In Moscow
Skumring - Søvn
Nortt - Havet Hinsides Havet (with Translated Lyrics)
Shuja - Do Not Mention The Name Of The Lord
Catacombs Where No Light Hath Shone... (but For That Of The Moon)
Tempestuous Fall - The Stars Would Not Awake You
Ayashinan - Lamento Cataro
Dreams After Death - Nothingness (atmospheric / Funeral Doom Metal)
Mournful Congregation - Remembrance Of The Transcending Moon
Tempestuous Fall - Old & Grey
Comatose Vigil - Mirrors Of Despair
Abyssmal Sorrow - Bound In Lifeless Affliction
Celestiial - Offering In Cedar Smoke
Thergothon - Elemental
Wraith Of The Ropes - Alone
Shuja -the Root Cause Of My Endless Suffering
Gardens Of Gehenna- Rabennutte
Skepticism - The Raven And The Backward Funeral
Abyssmal Sorrow - Bound In Lifeless Affliction
Consummatum Est - Funeral Procession
Evoken - Where Ghosts Fall Silent
Aabsynthum - Are Themselves Simple Thoughts...
Evoken - Reverie in Tears

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