Mix de 25 músicas, Hardcore

Happy Hardcore ~ Nanobii ▸ Hyper★drive (j-neration)
Funeral Diner - Difference Of Potential (full Album)
Terry Malts - Gentle Eyes
Sledgeback - Frustration Official Music Video
A Global Threat - Whos To Blame
Happy Hardcore ~ Nizikawa ▸ Peaky Jam
Poison Idea - Kings Of Punk Lp
Happy Hardcore ~ Getty ▸ Break It (j-neration)
Human Hair - Happy Birthday
Darude Astley - Sandroll
Dj Paul Elstak - Rainbow In The Sky
Fear - I Dont Care About You
Bouncing Souls - Gone Epitaph Records
Fear - Ugly As You
Fugazi-give Me The Cure
Sheer Terror - Drunk!, Divorced!, And Downhill Fast!
The Vandals - Happy Birthday To Me
Primitive Man - Scorn [2013] Full
Death In Venice - Happy Birthday
Happy Hardcore ~ Freezer ► Vine Thicket (j-neration)
Happy Birthday Jamaica Desmond Dekker
Hot Snakes - Hatchet Job - Audit In Progress
Happy Hardcore ~ Dj Necojita ▸ Salty Hyperlaser (j-neration)
Token Entry - Birthday
The Sugarcubes - Birthday (icelandic)
Happy Hardcore ~ Nanobii ▸ HYPER★DRIVE (J-Neration)

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