Mix de 25 músicas, Japanoise

The Shadow Ring Watch The Water 1997
John Watermann - Death In The Lubrication Chamber
Mindflayer - A Worm Is Coming
Passenger Of Shit-stapletapewurmsonmypenis
Japanese Noise
The Gerogerigegege – ゲロゲリゲゲゲ (the Gerogerigegege)
Nurse With Wound - Tune Time Machine (hq)
Noise Music Japanoise Composition 34-2
Fugazi-waiting Room
Noise Music (japanoise) Composition 50 (2008)-2
Noise Music Composition 36-2 Experimental Animation. Japanoise
Fushitsusha - 暗号 (cipher)
John Watermann - Food For Aliens
Seed Mouth - Live In Toyama Japan 1993
The Grey Wolves - V T V 2
Neros Day At Disneyland - Carnival Infernale
Gen Ken Montgomery - Enchantment
Boredoms - Pop Tatari (full Album)
Half Japanese- Put Some Sugar On It
Merzbow - Woodpecker No. 1 - Pulse Demon
Ween - The Crucial Squeegie Lip [full Album]
Laddio Bolocko Goat Lips
Arcane Device - Lathe
The Flying Luttenbachers - Knitting Factory, September 1, 1994
Afrirampo - Afrirampo
The Shadow Ring Watch The Water 1997

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