Mix de 25 músicas, Mathcore

Sailing Before The Wind - Futurist [download Link In Description]
Heaven Shall Burn - Combat (official Video)
Closet Witch - Ergot Ep [2015]
Sonic Syndicate - Jack Of Diamonds
Feed Her To The Sharks - Savage Seas
Dropbears - The Keeper (official Video)
獄無聲silent Hell - 2013 劇/drama - Track 09 - Tsunami(海嘯)
Thy Art Is Murder - The Purest Strain Of Hate (official Video)
Crossfaith - Scarlett Official Live Music Video
Heaven Shall Burn - The Weapon They Fear (official Video)
Lorna Shore-maleficium Ep [2013] (full Ep Stream) 2014
From The Red - This Is Your Tragedy | Chinese Metalcore
Obliterate Full Self-titled Ep Stream
The Littlest Viking - Bob Golic `79
In Hearts Wake - Departure (death) Feat. Winston Mccall Of Parkway Drive
Mahria Lights (official Video)
Iwrestledabearonce - You Know That Aint Them Dogs Real Voices..
Angelmaker - The Bridge Between
Noja -- Pharos . ( New 2013 )
Breakdown Of Sanity - Paralyzed
Gloria - Sangue (webclipe)
As I Lay Dying Paralyzed Live Video Official
Caliban - We Are The Many (official Video)
Wild Ox Moan By Coalesce
Silent Hell - Page 416
Sailing Before The Wind - Futurist [Download Link in Description]

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