Mix de 25 músicas, Oi

Azione Diretta - Non Ne Vogliamo
Hawkins Thugs - Never Forget
Ultra Violence - The Oppressed
The Last Resort - We Rule O.k. (with Lyrics In The Description)..
Skinflicks - Lionhearts
Major Accident- Crazy
Cock Sparrer - Bird Trouble
Mister X - Выходнoi! - Official Video
Alta Tensión -unidos Por Conviccion
Tattooed Mother Fuckers - Standing Steady Lyric Video
The Skinflicks - Kings Without A Crown.
Parabellum- Osmose 99
Kalashnikov - Metropoli
Strength Thru Oi! Working Class Kids - Last Resort
The 4 Skins - Evil ( Lyrics)
Cultura Del Carrer-red Banner
Iron Cross - Crucified For Your Sins
The Last Resort - Rose Of England (with Lyrics In The Description)..
Red Alert - In Britain
Stage Bottles - Russia
Parabellum - Cayenne
Alliance - Pride
The Way - Fascist Scum
Infa Riot Kids Of The 80s Classic Uk 82 Punk
Daily Terror Jeder Stirbt Für Sich Allein
Azione Diretta - Non ne Vogliamo

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