Mix de 25 músicas, Post Metal

Loneliness - Mirages In The City
Kauan - Äidin Laulu
Returning We Hear The Larks - Ypres [full Album]
Even Less - In Another Life
Old Graves - Forget Me (2014)
Heretoir - Eclipse (pre-production)
Wolves In The Throne Room - A Looming Resonance
Abraham - The Serpent, The Prophet And The Whore
Camollís - Prólogo
Cydonia - Around The Moon (2013)
Jesu - Friends Are Evil
As Seas Exhale - Paper Lungs, Broken Bones
Skyforest - Yearning For The Past
Godless Grace - Освободи!
Prosodia - Year Of No Light
Forgotten Tomb - Scars
An Autumn For Crippled Children - I Beg Thee Not To Spare Me -
Colaris - Guiding Lights
Fragile Edge - Void Inside Ii (2014)
Damascus - Ambition
The Foetal Mind - Eudaimonia
Sun Devoured Earth - Depersonalization
Nada - Spirit Cave Dweller
Ennui - The Day Of Abandonment
Ellende - Rückzug In Die Innerlichkeit
Loneliness - Mirages In The City

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