Mix de 25 músicas, Slow Core

Miserable – Violet (audio)
Codeine -ides
Really Slow Motion & Instrumental Core - Unceasing End
Obsolete - Tell No Foxx
Youth Lagoon - Ghost To Me
Miserable - Salt Water
Nick Leng - Inside Your Mind (ft. Carmody)
Low - Rope
Mogwai - May Nothing But Hapiness Come Through Your Door
Jason Molina - Its Easier Now
Idaho - Orange
Pye Corner Audio & Faten Kanaan ~ The Darkest Wave
Blue Hawaii - Try To Be
Fjaer - 11 Days
Lana Del Rey - Love (official Audio)
Slumbers - Stay Hidden
Galaxie 500 - Isnt It A Pity
Radiohead - Exit Music (for A Film)
Subheim - Streets
Soko :: I Thought I Was An Alien
Piano Magic - The Season Is Long
Savoy Grand - Reason To Leave
T E Morris - Memorial Day
Teeks - Dead On T.v.
At Swim Two Birds Things Well Never Do
Miserable – Violet (Audio)

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