Mix de 25 músicas, Swiss Rock

A Thousand Years Slavery - The Last Telegram - Official Video 2016
Broken Fate - Layla (official Video)
Cremation Video Black Hole
Pertness - Frozen Time (swiss Metal - Official Video Clip)
Norman Die - Under My Skin [official Lyrics Video]
Krokus - Hoodoo Woman
Hellvetica - Wake Up The Dead (official Music Video)
Death By Chocolate - Give Us A Reason (official Music Video)
Mercury7 - Keep Me Alive (official Single)
My Eyes My Heart - Electric Blanket
In Your Hands - Anna Kaenzig
Barbie Sailers - Follow (official Music Video)
Krokus Tokyo Nights
Burning Witches - Black Widow (official Video)
Diggin In The Dirt - Stefanie Heinzmann (lyrics)
Hak - Hautät Mau Dschnurä - Videoclip
Monika Schär - Good, Bad And Ugly
Infinitas - Skylla (official Video)
77 Bombay Street - Up In The Sky (official Video)
Mad Sox - Silly Fuck (official Music Video)
Shakra - Chains Of Temptation
Bon Jovi-thank You For Loving Me
Nihilo - Infected (official Music Video)
Scream Your Name - Fifteen Years (official Music Video)
Wirred - Quotations
A Thousand Years Slavery - The Last Telegram - Official video 2016

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