Mix de 25 músicas, Technical Death Metal

Sister Sin - Sound Of The Underground (official)
Burden Of Grief - Wolf Moon (official Video)
Cryptopsy - The Pestilence That Walketh In Darkness (official Video)
All Tomorrows - Dajjal
Accursed- Where Icicles Form
Augury - Mater Dolorosa [new Song 2018]
Affliction - Www
Helaragon | Jiwa | Guitar Playthrough
Morbid Angel - Garden Of Disdain (official Video)
Mureau - California
Beyond Creation - Earthborn Evolution (official Music Video)
Calliophis - Seven Suns (official Video) Death Doom Metal
Acrimonious Psychopath Video
Absurd Conflict - Heroism
Totem - Trash The South
Ii Chapter - Leaving The Anthill
Psycroptic - Initiate (official Music Video)
Th30ry 1n Pr4ct1c3 - C0l0n1z1ng Th3 Sun
Gorod - Inner Alchemy (official Video)
Formless Creation - Illusion Of Life (2010)
Xael - Srai Chained To The Demon Of Erring Official
Defeated Sanity - Hideously Disembodied
First Fragment - Lentité Guitar Playthrough By Phil Tougas
Revocation Of Unworldly Origin (official Video)
Abolition Of Impediment - Keep Them Dormant
Sister Sin - Sound of the underground (Official)

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