Mix de 25 músicas, Visual Kei

Bigbangs Funny Moments
Blood - Sweetest Disease (japan, Gothic/j-rock/visual Kei)
Lm.c Talk In Differents Languages
クラブ人気曲2018ベストリミックス 洋楽 ヒット..
Scandal (japanese Girl Band)
Big Bang - Candy
Top 20 J-pop Boy Band Ranking!
Top 10 Jrock Bands Of 2011
Aoi Send Kiss
Aoi Singt
Kai And Aoi Backstage
Traditional Japanese Modern Music
【作業用bgm】 人気の曲 ★ 洋楽ヒットチャートメドレー2018..
Top 10: Plagiarism In J-rock/visual Kei? (part3) | Catness Productions
T.o.ps Funny Rap
The Gazette Funny & Kawaii Moment~ Xd
Big Bang Funny & Sexy Moments
Ruki´s Little Problems
Chris Brown - Wall To Wall
Aoi, The Stupid Beauty
Gd Beatboxing
Big Mountain Band Live From Japan - Reggae Festival Guide
クセになる中毒性のある作業用edmメドレー 2018
Top 10 Best J Rock Bands
BigBangs Funny Moments

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