Mix de 25 músicas, Aggrotech

Alien Vampires - Harshlizer
Noise Of Terror - Doomsday
God Module - Darkness Is
The Heart Of America - Fgfc820
Control Alt Deus - Shut You In The Dark
Paradoxie - Indoxication
Xentrifuge - Error Seven
Suicide Commando - Death Cures All Pain
Amduscia - Beyond The Darkness
Sirenia - Meridian
Terminal Choice - Dont Go Blutengel Chris Pohl Gothic Darkpop..
Dawn Of Ashes - The Crypt Injection [hq]
Incubite - Shut My Eyes (2013)
Suicide Commando - Hellraiser (agonoize Remix)
Suicide Commando - Die Mother*ucker Die!
Soman - Noise Anthem
A.[d].n - Hell And Hate
Painbastard - A Short Moment Of Love
Beyond The Dream - Predators Bride (with Lyrics)
Anxiety Disorder - Vicious Minds
Alien Vampires - Fuck Your Exorcism
Flesh Field - The Collapse [hq]
Cygnosic - This Is The Night (official Music Video)
Cold Sequence Feat.c-lekktor - Dark Blood
Asphyxia - Revival
Alien Vampires - Harshlizer

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