Mix de 25 músicas, Chicano Rap

Conejo-shes A Snake
Estilo Chicano
Mr. Capone-e My Angel
Rio Maniak - Day Of The Dead (official Music Video)
Big Silent Upstate Califas (official Music Video)
Charlie Row Compo,murder
S.p.m. When Devils Strike
Conejo-hood Premiere
Mr.criminal - Brown Republican
Cali Life Style - My Vision
Lil G - Real Life
Mr. Criminal - Criminal Mentality (official Music Video 2011)
Angel Baby - Rosie & The Originals
Payaso915 - Somebody Please (new Chicano Rap Oldie 2016)
King Lil G Ignorance (wshh Exclusive - Official Music Video)
The Only 1 Mc Magic X Sophia Maria
Mr.capone-e - Oldie Music Feat. J-one & Tucker Lives (official Audio)mixtape
Westside Cartel - Whip It Baby
Og Big Wicked - Southside (official Music Video)
King Lil G-bangin On Um (ft.baby Gunz)
Westside Cartel : How We Do It
Lil Rob- I Remember
Clika One - Deadly Sins
Silent - A Dozen Worth (official Music Video)
Centro Side Records - True Blue Surenos
Conejo-Shes a Snake

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