Mix de 25 músicas, Chinese Indie Rock

Carsick Cars - Hui Shou (回授)
Hiperson He Made Up His Mind To Be A Tourist █▬█ █ ▀█▀
槍擊潑辣 Guntzepaula - 站作伙 Stand By Me - Official Music Video
台北公案 Taipei Cases - 維士比是合法的毒品 - Whisbih Is Legal Drug
雀斑樂團 Freckles 不標準情人 Imperfect Lover Ft.leo王..
台北公案 Taipei Cases - 我要跟我愛人打啵兒 - Im..
Lonely China Day - One (official Video Clip)
嘎調 -《兩個媽媽》mv
Shamelive-濁水溪公社-鬼扮仙mv (official Video)
酉酉 - 不去2003
Hello Nico〈花〉官方mv
台北公案 Taipei Cases - 愛情末班車 - Love And The Last Train
台北公案 Taipei Cases - 我不夠g8 - I Am Not G8 Enough
漂流出口-塑膠袋裡的牙齒 Outlet Drift - Tooth In Plastic..
Da Bang - Love Becomes The Ghost In The Back Of Your Head
方大同(khalil Fong) - 每個人都會love In This World
刺猬 (hedgehog) - Apart
非人物種 - 擺渡人 Pv / Inhuman Band - Boat Man
Two Door Cinema Club - What You Know
Kings Kaleidoscope - In This Ocean Pt. I / In This Ocean Pt. Ii
Omnipotent Youth Society - Kill The One From Shijiazhuang
刺猬 (hedgehog) - Wink
謝震廷 Eli Hsieh【燈光】(official Music Video)
【mv】八十八顆芭樂籽 88balaz 比獸還帥 -handsomer Than An Animal
Carsick Cars - Hui Shou (回授)

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