Mix de 25 músicas, Chinese Traditional

Chinese Music : 细细 By Qi Tan 憩檀
Wild Geese Descending On A Sandy Beach 平沙落雁 - Liu Fang..
Chinese Music: 《天龙八部》手游主题曲 Demi-gods And..
Beautiful Chinese Classical Dance【8】《飛天-敦煌舞》趙喬 A-480p
Liu Fang, When The Pipa Sounds As Silk
Liu Fang 劉芳 Performing At We Art Music Festival, March 2011 Turin (italy)
Chinese Classical Music For Zither Guzheng Solo 漢宮秋月by Liu Fang 劉芳
Chinese Music【10】traditional【傾國傾城】 480p
Liu Fang 劉芳 Performing The Ambush From Ten Sides - 十面埋伏,..
Chinese Classical Music【2】《煙雨江南》chinese Pipa+bambo Fluteo-720p
Peking Opera Melody: Flowing Water
Best Traditional Chinese Music Collection
Liu Fang Michael Otoole Festival Cultural Zacatecas Iv
Chinese Traditional Music: 鱼跃龙门 玉采田 By 玉采田
Chinese Music: 不谓侠 By Critty 【萧音弥漫翻唱大赛】
Chinese Music: 兰君 By Qing Nong - 清弄
Traditional Chinese Music: 墨宝 一世如弈 By 灰老板
Chinese Music : 静女思 By Dong Zhen - 董贞
Chinese Music : 汉心 By Ya Qing/鸦青
Лю Фан (1)
Beautiful Chinese Classical Dance 【3】《踏歌》1080p Hd
Chinese Music: 《隐绯雪》 By 小爱的妈
Liu Fang Pipa Solo The Ambush, Traditional Chinese Music
Chinese Traditional Music By Liu Fang On Guzheng 古筝曲 寒鴉戲水..
Chinese Music : 细细 By Qi Tan 憩檀

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