Mix de 25 músicas, Crossover Thrash

Lobotomia - 1986 - Lobotomia
Civilian Terrorists - Im Not
The Exploited - Chaos Is My Life
The Bouncing Souls - Lamar Vannoy (with Lyrics - Con Letras)
Beyond Possession - Is Beyond Possession 1986 (full Album) [thrash..
Reagan Youth - Usa
Tankard - (empty) Tankard
M.o.d. - True Colors
Megadeth - Wake Up Dead
Memories Of Tomorrow
Ludichrist - Most People Are Dicks
Trash Talk - Awake
The Accüsed - No Hope For Relief
Iron Reagan - Take The Fall (official Music Video)
Tankard - Die With A Beer In Your Hand
Alkoholizer - Alkoholik Metal
Broken Bones - Seeing Through My Eyes - Bonecrusher
Reproach - Onward To Destruction Deep Six
Sacrilege - Within The Prophecy (full Album) 1987
D.r.i. - Probation
Witchburner - Blood Of Witches
Anthrax - In My World
Nofx- Separation Of Church And Skate
Genocide - Submit To Genocide (full Album) 1987
G.b.h - Give Me Fire
Lobotomia - 1986 - Lobotomia

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