Mix de 25 músicas, Crust Punk

D-clone - Where Is It?
Wolfpack - Outlaw Vagabond (1996)
Lies Feed The Machine - Inherit
Framtid - 8 Track Ep
Lentic Waters - A Fathers Death
Disrupt - Noxious Emmissions
Scorned - Blood Sport.
Misery-filth Of Mankind
Coprofilia - Rebelión & Revolución
Saccage - Motörcrust
Mass Grave - Mans Creation
Crass - I Aint Thick Its Just A Trick
Warcollapse - One Last
Whorehouse Of Representatives - Societys Trap
Discharge- Why
逆鱗-fish Story.wmv
Insect Warfare - Pestilent Excruciation
Days N Daze - Wholesale Failure (official Video)
Murderburgers - How To Ruin Your Life
Andrew Jackson Jihad - Hate, Rain On Me
Inepsy - Born For The Road
Dishammer - Werewolves On Wheels
Crude Ss-who´ll Survive
Disrupt - Religion Is A Fraud
Mixtapes - I Accept That Official Music Video
D-Clone - Where is it?

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