Mix de 25 músicas, Dark Black Metal

Eisregen - Satan Liebt Dich (official Video)
Blaze Of Perdition-let There Be Darkness
Noctem - A Cruce Salus (official Video)
Uburen - Remembrance (official Video)
Satanic Warmaster - Black Metal Commando
Dawn Rayd - Emptiness Beneath The Great Emptiness
Arroganz - Obliviate (official Video) ||| Feat. Johan Jansson..
Outre - The Order Of Abhorrence
Antlers - Beyond The Golden Light
Besatt - Hellstorm - Hellstorm
Samael - Blood Ritual - Blood Ritual
Hegemone - Raising Barrows (official Clip)
Heretic Cult Redeemer- Thy Forethought Fire
Barbarian Prophecies - Embrace Of Insanity Xvii (official Video)
Rites Satanika - Ritual Death
Dark Fortress - Iconoclasm Omega
Dimmu Borgir - Mourning Palace (live - Forces Of The Northern Night)
Skyggeverden - Wicked Whores Of God
Sabbat - Hellfire
Wearg - Hæðen War Metal [full] [official]
Farsot - The Antagonist [official Video Clip]
Graveland - Thurisaz (official Video)
Aurora Borealis - Sarkikos From The Album Apokalupsis Official Video
Thornium - Beyond Cosmic Borders
Nightbringer - Serpent Sun (official Premiere)
EISREGEN - Satan liebt dich (Official Video)

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