Mix de 25 músicas, Death Core

Human Rejection- Proceed To Terminal Isolate
Thy Art Is Murder - Light Bearer (official Video)
Carnifex - Six Feet Closer To Hell (official Lyric Video)
Asking Alexandria - Here I Am (official Music Video)
Suicide Silence - Disengage - Performance Cut (official Video)
Black Tongue - Coma [official] [hd]
Carnifex - Drown Me In Blood (official Music Video)
Final Breath - Eyes Of Horror
Dying Fetus - Your Treachery Will Die With You (official Music Video)
I Declare War - Putrification Of The Population (lyrics)
Abiotic Facades (official Video)
Visceral Disgorge - Necrocoprophagia
Xisforeyes - Convoluted Enlightenment Ii: Numb Populace (official Video)
Dying Fetus - Ethos Of Coercion
Killswitch Engage - Hate By Design [official Video]
Make Them Suffer - Elegies [official Music Video]
Traitors - Nu Hate (official Music Video)
Emmure - Flag Of The Beast (official Music Video)
Dawn Of Demise - Reap The Suffering
Thy Art Is Murder - The Son Of Misery (official Music Video)
Within Destruction - Plague Of Immortality [official Music Video]..
Bring Me The Horizon - Pray For Plagues
Slaughter To Prevail - Crowned & Conquered (feat Lucas Mann Of..
Destructo - Hunt The Dinosaur (new Song 2014) [720p]
Escape The Fate - Just A Memory (official Video)
Human Rejection- Proceed to Terminal Isolate

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