Mix de 25 músicas, Deathgrind

Penis - Flatulence
Wreckage - Screaming Weeping Bleeding
Prophecy Of Doom - Onward Ever Backwards
Skewered - Inside The Crematory
The Growl Family As Blood Runs Black
Dissection - 11 Maha Kali
Blister Unit - Glory Hole
Antigama - Jealousy
Bathory - Massacre
Job For A Cowboy Nourishment Through Bloodshed (official)
The Scroungers - Fuck Politics, Lets Riot
Fight Back - Pank Pankerima
Toxic Holocaust - Metallic Crucifixion
Distress - Put U Raj ( Live 1984 , Yugoslav Raw Hardcore Punk )
Death-pull The Plug (hd)
Birth (split W/ Oniku)
Youre A Cop-anal Cunt
Blessed By Perversion - Like A Touch In Nothingness
Zombified - Zombified Slaughtermachine
Antigama - Another
Antigama - Stars
Evil Entourage - Sceptic To The Cross
Essence Beyond - Assimilation
Obituary - Cause Of Death
Antigama - You Have The Right To Remain Violent
Penis - Flatulence

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