Mix de 25 músicas, Doom Metal

Solitude Aeturnus-mirror Of Sorrow
Svafnir - Death Of The Sun
Irreversible - Tambora
Daylight Dies - Dreaming Of Breathing (official Music Video)
Forest Of Shadows - Sleeping Death.
Trees Of Eternity - Sinking Ships
My Dying Bride - I Cannot Be Loved
Khemmis - Isolation (official Video)
Tales Of Dark - Sounds Of The Ravage (official Video) Gothic Doom Metal
Rapture - This Is Where I Am
Ufomammut - Iv
Tomb Of Finland - Scattering Ashes (official Music Video)
Steak Number Eight - The Sea Is Dying
Thou - The Changeling Prince (official Music Video)
Conan - Volt Thrower (official Video) | Napalm Records
Skepticism- The March And The Stream
Primitive Man - Victim (live At Saint Vitus Bar, November 6th 2017)
My Dying Bride-a Sea To Suffer In
Pallbearer - Thorns (official Live Video)
Fjällstorm -- Ved Ildsteden
Dawn Of Solace - I Was Never There
Semlah - Axioms Of Life Swedish Doom Metal
Devil Electric - Shadowman (official Video)
Forest Of Shadows - Eternal Autumn
Black Land - Life And Death
solitude aeturnus-mirror of sorrow

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