Mix de 25 músicas, Electrónica

Lumanoise V.3 Saw Synthesizer Demo #ttnm
How I Jam 3/3: Live Session Akai Mpc Tutorial (mpc 500, Mpc 1000,..
[progressive House] - Rich Edwards - We Are (feat. Danyka Nadeau)..
Vermona Drm-1 Mkiii Fx Insert Demo #ttnm
Подземни тайнства (БНТ 88) Underground Sacraments..
Sappho By Lubomir Kavaldjiev (2009) Remixed
Akai Mpc 500 Tutorial: Play Samples With A Keyboard #ttnm
How I Jam 1/3: Synthesizers With Ableton Live #ttnm
Недовършен романс (unfinished Romance) By Lubomir..
What Is Midi And How Does It Sound?
Lumanoise V.4 Trautonium Synthesizer Demo #ttnm
Подземни тайнства (БНТ 88) Underground Sacraments (bnt 88)
Diviners - Savannah (feat. Philly K) [ncs Release]
Lumanoise V.2 Synthesizer Demo #ttnm
Akai Mpc 500 Tutorial: Midi Sequencing (also For Mpc 1000, Mpc..
Hans Zimmer & Radiohead - (ocean) Bloom
Tc-11 Ipad Touch Synth Tutorial #ttnm
Подземни тайнства (БНТ 88) Underground Sacraments..
Olegtron 4060 + Tinysizer Modular Synth #ttnm
Mute Synth Review - Wet & Dirty #ttnm
Olegtron 4060 Jam (w/ Ipad & Aufx:space, Crystalline, Auria, Etc.) #ttnm
Ipad & Keyboard Demo #ttnm
Lumanoise V.5 Solar Synthesizer Demo #ttnm
Целувката на Юда (judas Kiss) By Lubomir Kavaldjiev (2002)
Висота (loftiness) By Lubomir Kavaldjiev (2008)
Lumanoise v.3 Saw Synthesizer Demo #TTNM

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