Mix de 25 músicas, Eurobeat

Warning! 【touhou Eurobeat】
Initial D  make Up Your Mind
Initial D  on Your Wings
Summer Pop Cider -teb Forsaken Remix 【touhou Eurobeat】
Initial D  i Wanna Be The Night
Initial D  burning Up For You
Dusty - Midnight Lover
Rider Of The Sky / Ace
【東方vocal/eurobeat】 Lunatic Voice 「crazy Beats」
[東方eurobeat/vocal]melty Love (歌詞付き)
[秋葉工房、a-one]our Generation
Initial D 5th Stage Soundtrack - Rain
Initial D  breakin Out
Initial D  love Killer
Initial D  grand Prix
Initial D  street Of Fire
Casanova - Help Me To Say Goodbye
Initial D  i Want To Feel
Initial D  freedom Ride
Set Me Free / Cherry
Light Travel Distance (rayto Mix)【touhou Eurobeat】
Dream Fighters - Stormbringer (extended Mix) (high Quality Audio)
Speed Car / D-team
Initial D Dogfight
06. 恋ニ落チルノ Crazybeats — Initial T (c88)
WARNING! 【Touhou Eurobeat】

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