Mix de 25 músicas, Gótica

Fairy Tail - Through The Fire And Flames
Emotional Metal - Unique
The Dust Storm - Those Poor Bastards
Android Lust - Stained
Emotional Music - My Black Rose
Devil Makes Three - Graveyard W/lyrics
This Ascension-mysterium (with Lyrics + Translation)
Vampire Waltz Music - Tonight Ve Dance (masquerade)
Naruto - What Doesnt Kill You ( Stronger)
Dark Waltz Music - Gothic Ballroom
I Cried Out - Anime - [never Alone]
Pagan Metal - Gleipnir
The Dead South - In Hell Ill Be In Good Company [official Music Video]
Dark Waltz Music - Moonlit Dust
The Dead Brothers - Old Pine Box
Amv Nishi No Yoki Majo - Everytime You Kissed Me
Lovespirals Heartstrings [official Music Video] 2016
Arcanta - Awake As If From Slumber
Dark Gypsy Music - The Fire Dancer - Dark Waltz
The Builders And The Butchers - When It Rains
Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan - Snake Song
Shiva In Exile - Anubis
Alan / 久遠の河
Reverend Glasseye - God Help You Dumb Boy
What Your Eyes Had Seen
Fairy Tail - Through the Fire and Flames

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