Mix de 25 músicas, Japanoise

Stockhausen - Aus Den Sieben Tagen / Complete / 1993
Lsd-march - ガラスの夜空
Grey Wolves - Not Your Country
Melt Banana - Sick Zip Everywhere
Les Rallizes Dénudés - White Awakening (cable Hogue Soundtrack Version)
John Wiese - Wind Change Direction
Jojo Hiroshige Live No Music Fest T. Mikawa 2004 Jojo広重
Kk Null — 0415
Jazkamer - Friends Of Satan
Shield For Your Eyes, A Beast In The Well On Your Hand
Noise Music Composition 50-1
Msbr - Zyklon B Zombie
Fushitsusha Hikari To Nazukeyo
Hair Police - The Scent
Contagious Orgasm & Dirk Geiger - Exceed The Limit
Japanoise Maq Ito(sound) & Ginmimi(dance Unit)
Hijokaidan Starring Miku Hatsune - Bù Wánquánna Huìhuà
Zeni Geva - Dead Sun Rising (1993)
Incapacitants @ No Fun Fest 2007 Japanoise
Harsh Noise And Screams -1
Nurse With Wound - Tune Time Machine (hq)
Harem Noise 3 By Maq Itos Japanoise
Acid Mothers Temple Chakra 24 The Ripper At The Heavens Gates Of Dark 2011
Hair Stylistics
Stockhausen - aus den sieben tagen / complete / 1993

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