Mix de 25 músicas, Martial Industrial

Von Thronstahl - Dressed In Black Uniforms
Tears Of Othila - Up Our Banners!
Across The Rubicon - Death Smiles To Us All
Seges Findere - Proclamation Of Blood Vengeance
Triarii - Iron Fields
Death In June - Runes And Men
Legionarii - Global Front
Coph Nia - The Oath
Of The Wand And The Moon - Wonderful Wonderful Sun (lyrics)
Arcana - My Cold Sea
Triarii - State Of Youth
Trump - Emperor Of The United States
Dark Loyalty - Window In Moscow
Von Thronstahl - Northern Sons Under Southern Skies (official)
Triarii - We Are One
Arditi - Imposing Elitism
:golgatha: - Garden Of Love (v.ii)
Leffet Cest Moi - Le Dernier Soupir
Imperat - Verbvm Dei
Darkwood - Caucasian Tales
Neun Welten - Valg
Von Thronstahl - Ius Ad Bellum Et Ius In Bello
Triari Muse In Arms Ii.mpg
Waffenruhe - Sieg (abandoned Old Ambiance Version)
T.a.c. - The End Of Day
Von Thronstahl - Dressed In Black Uniforms

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