Mix de 25 músicas, Melodic Death Metal

Deadtide [melodic Death Metal 2018] - Begin The Dream [official Video]
Nightrage - The Glow Of The Setting Sun [greece] (+lyrics)
Amon Amarth - Raise Your Horns
Against My Better Judgement - Fate Got Black [greece]
Soul Fracture - Systems Punishment [greece]
At The Gates - Death And The Labyrinth (official Video)
Dark Tranquillity - Atoma (official Video)
Dawn Of Dreams [melodic Death Metal] Ft Nightrage & Deadtide..
Say Goodbye - I Killed The Prom Queen [with Lyrics]
Deadtide [melodic Death Metal 2017] - The Great Unknown [ep | Full Album]
Kataklysm - Taking The World By Storm (official Music Video)
Universum - Leto Destinatus
Borknagar - The Earthling (official Video)
In Jesper We Trust [official Video] (melodic Death Metal Jesper..
Solution .45 - The Faint Pulse Of Light // Official Clip // Afm Records
Hypocrisy - Eraser (official Music Video)
Parkway Drive - Carrion (lyrics)
Keep Of Kalessin - Crown Of The Kings (w/lyrics)
Deadtide [melodic Death Metal 2014] - Ephemeral [ep](full Album)(2013)
Hammerfall - Edge Of Honour
Trivium - Built To Fall (lyrics)
Scar Of The Sun - Among Waters And Giants [greece] [hd] (+lyrics)
The Elysian Fields - A Serenade Like Blood Caress [greece] [hd] (+lyrics)
Arch Enemy - The Race (official Video)
Demotional - Neverland (official Lyric Video)
DEADTIDE [Melodic Death Metal 2018] - Begin the Dream [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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