Mix de 25 músicas, Riot Grrrl

Mary Lou Lord - Camden Town Rain
Le Tigre - Fyr
Bikini Kill Suck My Left One
Bruise Violet - Beauty
Velocity Girl [01] I Dont Care If You Go
Hey Bastard By Stp
Tura Satana - Dry (live)
Cadallaca - The Trouble With Public Places
Bikini Kill - Carnival (live 1991)
Fear Of Dying- Jack Off Jill
L7 - Moonshine
Huggy Bear Her Jazz
Le Tigre - Tko
Heavens To Betsy - Terrorist
Sleater Kinney One More Hour
Sleater-kinney - #1 Must Have - Trackers
7 Year Bitch - Kiss My Ass Goodbye
Huggy Bear No Sleep Til
Kolico - Punk Rock
Keep On Livin - Le Tigre
Jack Off Jill - My Cat
Sleater-kinney Meet Ratso/chic-a-go-go
Bonds In Seconds - Lois (from Butterfly Kiss, 1992) *audio*
Le Tigre Tour Theme Song
Sleater-kinney - Youre No Rock N Roll Fun - Trackers
Mary Lou Lord - Camden Town Rain

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