Mix de 25 músicas, Speed Metal

Dragonforce - The Last Journey Home (with Lyrics And Images)
Place Vendome - Id Die For You
Galloglass - Dawn Over A New Age
Striker - Full Speed Or No Speed
Neverland - Transcending Miracle
Keldian - Sundancer
Axenstar - Aftermath
Axenstar | Infernal Angel
Tremonti - Bringer Of War (official Lyric Video) | Napalm Records
Derdian - Black Rose
Van Canto - Melody (official Video) | Napalm Records
The End Is Near… Slayer To Make Its Exit With One, Final World Tour.
Slayer - Pride In Prejudice (official Music Video)
PÄnzer - Ill Bring You The Night (official Lyric Video)
Grave Digger - Call For War (official Lyric Video) | Napalm Records
Slayer - Repentless North American Tour W/ Lamb Of God + Behemoth..
Mystica Girls My Dinner 2011 (official Video)
Place Vendome - Place Vendome
Excalion - Wingman Video
Dragonfly Estrella
Civil War - Road To Victory (official Lyric Video) | Napalm Records
Tankard - Pay To Pray (official Lyric Video)
Overkill - Our Finest Hour (official Lyric Video)
Tankard - Dont Bullshit Us! (official Video)
Grave Digger - Lawbreaker (official Video) | Napalm Records
DragonForce - The Last Journey Home (with lyrics and images)

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